Course 170 - Introduction to Piano

The course is set over 15 weeks and each week will include 2 lessons. During this course you will learn how to read and play simple pieces on the piano.

It’s a beginner course designed to

  • Study basic piano techniques,
  • understand music notation and rhythm.
  • Introduce a variety of simple piano pieces

As the course is online for the FIRST TWO WEEKS you will have pre-recorded video lesson with the explanations shared on the website, where there will also be worksheets and sheet music.

During the course there will be

  • 4 quizzes,
  • a midterm exam which will include performance and theory worksheets,
  • a final exam (performance and worksheet)


You will be graded based on the following factors:

  • Participation – 15% (150 points)
    • Submission of your homework on time – till 7 pm after each class. The homework submitted later then 7pm won’t be graded and will be considered a fail.
    • Every time you fail to submit work you will be deducted 3 points.
    • You will be excluded from the course if you fail to submit homework 4 times in a row.

  • Worksheets / Assessments – 20%. Each worksheet and will be graded

  • 4 Quizzes – 20% (each quiz 5%)
    Each quiz will include several pieces to perform and sight reading.

  • Midterm Exam – 20% (Theory worksheet 5%, Performance 15%)

  • Final Exam – 25%
    • Theory worksheet 5%
    • Sight reading – Read & perform the music notation directly from the score 10%
    • Performance – 10%

The grading in this course is designed to keep you practising during the entire course to develop the knowledge and encourage you to keep practising.

Course structure

Lessons & Classes

    • All lessons for online weeks are pre-recorded and available on the website (link below)
    • Class time is every Tuesday, Thursday and on Google Meet (see link below)
    • You can ask any questions about the lesson during the online class
    • You must watch the lesson before asking any questions
    • If you do not have questions you are not required to be online

Homework: There is also a WhatsApp Group where you must submit ALL homework

Course WhatsApp Group

All homework including worksheets and videos must be submitted on the group

Submission of your homework on time – till 7 pm after each class

The homework submitted later then 7pm won’t be graded and points will be deducted

All quizzes, midterm and the final will be conducted face to face DURING CLASS TIME

You have to have a piano or keyboard in order to participate in this course.

Course Links

Google Meet:

Same link every class, please save it for all the classes

WhatsApp Group: